Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Formation of Ordnance Factories Recruitment Board (OFRB)

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Filling up of vacancies against Manpower sanction issued by OFB  through OFRB -ORDNANCE FACTORY RECRUITMENT BOARD

All the Defence Civilian workers Federations including INDWF, AIDEF and BPMS of Defence Establishments have been demanding the Defence Ministry for Centralized Recruitment System for recruiting people for OFB (Ordnance Factory Board), since the existing selection methods of various factories lacks uniformity in selection criterions’ like examination, qualification, service and experience.

As a result of this, now OFRB (Ordnance Factory Recruitment Board) has been newly formed to conduct centralized recruitment of employees for Ordnance Factories. OFB is likely to recruit approximate 5000 employees every year, besides limited departmental examinations for the post of Junior Works Managers & Charge man and selection of trade apprentices across all the factories.

Consequent upon this latest development regarding OFRB ,many ordnance Factories sought clarification from the OFB regarding the Cut off date for filling up the Vacancies against Man Power sanction issued by OFB through OFRB

According to the OFB  Instruction No. 3321/A/A No.039(6)OFRB/A/A dated 24/4/2012 , issued to  all the Sr. General Managers/ General Managers/Head of Units,regarding filling up of vacancies against Manpower sanction issued by OFB with reference to the  Order of even No. dated 27.01.2012, it has been clarified that

“Consequent upon issue of order regarding formation of Ordnance Factories Recruitment Board (OFRB) references have been received from different Factories seeking clarification regarding cut off date for referring the vacancies sanctioned by OFB to different Factories /Units to OFRB for taking necessary action for recruitment.

The matter has been considered and it has been decided by the competent authority that Manpower sanctions issued by OFB prior to 1.4.2012 are to be acted upon by the Factories/Units (other than O.F. DumDum) themselves, while those to be issued henceforth shall be referred to the Ordnance Factories Recruitment Board (OFRB) for taking action on Direct Recruitment.”


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