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Leave Encashment with LTC – FAQ by DOPT

Leave Encashment with LTC – FAQ by DOPT

DOPT issued Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Leave Entitlement in various title . Every body know that there are many types of leave for central government employees so as, many types of doubts also are being raised on Leave and allowance  . The DOPT is issuing necessary clarification time to time to remove any hitches for sanctioning leave for central government employees, so that the problems like not sanctioning leave, due to the  reason of  rule position is not clear, can be avoided

FAQ regarding the Leave Encashment alognwith LTC.

Leave Encashment with LTC

 Frequently asked Questions /Answer

1. Whether encashment of leave is allowed after LTC is availed?

Sanction of leave encashment should, as a practice, be done in advance, at the time of sanctioning the LTC. However, ex-postfacto sanction of leave encashment on LTC may be considered by the sanctioning authority as an exception in deserving cases within the time limit prescribed for submission of claims for LTC.

2. Whether encashment of leave with LTC can be availed at the time when the LTC is availed by the Government servant only or can leave be encashed at the time when LTC is availed by family members?

Yes. A Govt. servant can be permitted to encash earned leave upto 10 days either at the time of availing LTC for himself or when his family avails it provided other conditions are satisfied.

3. Whether leave encashment should be revised on retrospective revision of pay/D.A?

In terms of 38-A of CCS(Leave) Rules, encashment of EL alongwith LTC is to be calculated on pay admissible on the date of availing LTC and DA admissible on that date. If pay or DA admissible has been revised with retrospective effect, going by the rule the Govt. servant would be entitled to encashment of Leave on the revised rates.

4. Whether encashment of Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave is admissible to industrial employees?

The Industrial employees, other than those under the cadre control of the Ministry of Railways, are entitled to encash both Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave, subject to overall limit of 300. The cash equivalent of Half Pay Leave shall be equal to leave salary admissible for Half Pay Leave plus Dearness Allowance admissible on the leave salary without any reduction being made on account of pension and pension equivalent of other retirement benefits payable. But no commutation of Half Pay Leave shall be allowed to make up for the shortfall in Earned Leave and these orders are effective from 07-11-2006. {OM No. 12012/3/2009- Estt.(L) dated 28-12-2012}.

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  1. sir,

    i availed ltc to any place in india by taking 6 days el and availed 10 days el encashment. please clarify how many days el will be deducted from my el 6 days or 16 days?

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