Monday, February 04, 2019

Document to be submitted for availing partial withdrawal

Document to be submitted for availing partial withdrawal, NPS partial withdrawal Document, Evidence for Reason of NPS Partial Withdrawal

For Higher education
Copy of admission letter of the Institute along with Fees schedule

For marriage of his or her children 

For    purchase    or    construction    of    a    residential    house    or    flat    in    his    or    her  
own name or in a joint name with his or her legally wedded spouse

Photocopy of Title Documents of the Property. Approved Plan and self-declaration    OR    Loan    offer    letter    from    a    housing    finance    company   or a Bank and self-declaration

For     treatment     of     specified     illnesses:     if     the     subscriber,     his     legally   wedded spouse, children, including a legally adopted child or dependent parents.
Certificate    from    Doctor

to meet medical and incidental expenses arising out of the disability or incapacitation suffered by the subscriber
Disability    certificate     from    a    Government    surgeon    or    Doctor     (treating such disability or invalidation of subscriber) stating the nature and extent of disability and also certifying that subscriber need not be discharged from duty.

For Skill development/re-skilling or any other self-development activities
a)   Admission/Sanctions letter from university in India/abroad with fee detail
b)          For    distance    learning    programs,    copy/s    of    invoice/s    which    confirm   
the payment of required fee for desired course
c)    For other skill development programmes, copy of invoices confirming    payment    of    fee    for    the    desired    course
d)    study leave sanction letter/NOC provided by the organisation/department/ministry, if required in terms of the employee’s service conditions (not applicable where employee-employer relationship
does not exists)

For Establishment of own venture or any start-up
a)    Registration    Certificate    of    entity
b)   Proof of ownership of the entity (it should be in the name of the subscriber)
c)   Registration number issued by Government Authorities like GST/Income Tax/Govt. Departments

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