How to change in signature and photograph In PRAN Card - NPS Subscriber's

NPS Subscriber's request for change in signature and photograph

                Subscriber has to submit the change request as per prescribed format to the DDO in Form S7 with whom he/she is associated. 

                After verification and authorisation of the request, DDO has to consolidate all such requests and forward it to the concerned PAO along with a covering letter as per the prescribed format in Form S8. 

             PAO has to verify and authorise the request and submit the request to the * CRA-Facilitation Center . On upload of the request by CRA-FC, new signature and/or photograph will be updated in the CRA system. CRA shall print a new PRAN card and dispatch it to PAO who forwards it to the DDO for onward distribution to Subscriber.

S7 Form-Change-in-signature-or-Change-in-photograph

* CRA Facilitation Center

CRA-FC is the entity appointed by NSDL to extend various services under NPS, to its users across the country. The entities who have been appointed as CRA-FC shall establish multiple branches across the country to provide services to the nodal offices such as Pay & Accounts Office (PAO) or equivalent office under Central and State Government.
As per present scope of CRA, following services shall be offered by the CRA-FC
  1. Acceptance of Application for allotment of new PRAN
  2. Acceptance of Subscriber request for change in signature and/or change in photograph.

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